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Dear Guest,

Welcome to Prishtina and thanks for your interest to explore and understand more about us. This City Guiding Book is a practical and comprehensive manual which accompanies you around Prishtina, taking you to the must­ see sights in the town and rewarding your curiosity about the newest Capital of Europe.

In order to let you organize your tour properly, this guide is divided into: Old Prishtina, New Prishtina and Distant Prishtina. Starting from a precious historic/cultural heritage in terms of an Ottoman Life structure, then pass through new parts of our identity and goes further around, to enjoy our impressive natural landmarks, parks, archeological insights for remarkable adventures.

Actually, it helps you explore Prishtina in your hands, to trace over the history, hidden gems, nostalgic parts, which have been vanished through the centuries. You get to sense local traditions, legends, history, ethnography, architecture, archeology, local cuisine etc.

Though it is designed to offer the best use to enjoy your time in Kosovo, show you tips, where to eat local best local food, drinks, where to party, where to taste the best coffee or beer, most appropriate accommodation, comfortable transport, souvenirs & gifts tours and my personal insights will provide much more

I do hope you thoroughly enjoy Prishtina and around Kosovo, and that my local tips and knowledge will make your trip an unforgettable one!

Many thanks, and welcome to our beautiful Kosovo!







Prishtina Travel Book

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    Travel Book

    Your best mate to explore an in-depth narration about Prishtina, historic development of the area, local cultural heritage, traditional culinary suggestions, tourist landmarks, hidden gems, interesting tips and facts about the city to make you enjoy it as a local.


    February 2023


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