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Gracanica monastery
and Bear sanctuary

After your are done with touring Prishtina, Bear Sanctuary and Orthodox Monastery of Gracanica it’s a place not to miss.
It is just around 25 km out of Prishtina. Driving alongside the lake of Badovc, walking and hiking at hilly Sanctuary park and watching lovely brown bears all around it’s a wonderful experience.

On the way to the bears, we visit the famous Monastery of Gracanica.


Spots in this tour:



Trip Price: 50€

for 1-6 people


 Timing: 13 PM 

 IT TAKES 3hrs.


Monastery and Bear

prishtina southeast tour

  * Orthodox Monastery of Gracanica,

  * Bear Santuary,

  * Marble Cave of Gadime 

  * Archaeological Park of Ulpiana 

An interesting walking tour in  Prishtina is not completed without an extensive sightseeing around landmarks in Prishtina which made the way it is.  EAST Tour takes you to Explore the unique gems around us. It is combined trip of  spots representing religious, cultural/historic, natural, and archaeological heritage.

  All of this provides a unique experience

Trip Price: 65€

for 1-6 people


 Timing: 13 PM 

 IT TAKES 4 hrs.


Prishtina SoutEast Tour

Gazimestan & sulltan murad mausoleum 

The historic battlefield of Kosovo, 28.06.1389 left it remarks in this region. Gaziestan is a medieval-styled tower build in 1953 to commemorate the Heroes of Balkan armies during the battle. It is an interesting place to see and climb on top of 28 metres high tower to have a look at a panoramic view around and towards the the main place of Kosovo (battle) field which was around 6/7 km North-West of the monument.

Trip Price: 30€

for 1-6 people


 Timing: 13 PM 

 IT TAKES 2hrs.



Trip Price: 99€

for 1-6 people


 Timing: 10 AM 

 IT TAKES 7hrs.


prishtina full day tour

Prishtina DAY Tour is a comprehensive full day tour in and around Prishtina. It takes you to Explore all what makes Prishtina in terms of Historic, cultural, religious, natural, and archaeological heritage. It has a mixed and combined tour with many interesting sights, monuments and museums.

Prishtina walking tour in Old and New Town, it includes:

  • Ethnographic Museum,

  • Bazaar Mosque (the oldest mosque of the country) and King’s Mosque.

  • Yugoslavian Obelisk of Brotherhood and Unity

  • City Center

  • New Born, Youth Palace and Heroinat Monument

  • National and University Library

St. Teresa Cathedral

Out of Prishtina

  • Impressive Monastery of Gracanica

  • Mysterious marble cave of Gadime

  • Archeological Roman town of Ulpiana

  • Amazing Bear Sanctuary.

  • Gazimestan – Monument of Kosovo Battle of 1389

  • Mausoleum of Sulltan MURAD and Ottoman Museum.

Food tours.jpg

Tour Price:39€

Minimum: 2 guests


 Timing: 14 PM 

 IT TAKES 3hrs.


Traditional food tour

Traditional Food Tour provides you a memorable experience to taste our city in one of the best ways. Prishtina is an exciting and vibrant city. Local cuisine as well as culinary culture it’s very influenced with Turkish and Mediterranean food, making a delicious mix of tastes, flavors and cooking traditions.  


We are passionate local foodies who are happy and proud to be the first and only to provide authentic taste tours to show you the best of local and daily food, fun, walking off the beaten tracks, through tiny streets towards lovely eateries, that you wouldn’t find yourselves and wouldn’t think of ordering. So, If you’re looking for an authentic taste of local cuisine and culture, join our delicious experiences.


Trip Price: 120€

for 1-6 people


 Timing: 09 AM 

 IT TAKES 7 hrs.


Prishtina War tour

Prishtina WAR tour it’s a Unique Tour designed to take you to the war sights around Prishtina which have a unique historic relevance. This area has thousands of years of history, a lot of rules, a lot of historic intrigues and sacrifices. The tour is focused in the recent history starting from unrest of the 1990’s, suppression and the last war 1998/99


  Prishtina night tour
  & beer tasting 

Prishtina as the youngest capital in Europe is very vibrant with a dynamic night life. This tour is designed to immerse you into a local night experience with some sightseeing, beer, wine and some eatery tastings. This is a good opportunity to have a basic oriental walk in the new town espeically, if you arrive late evening in night and want to prepare to enjoy Prishtina, next days and particularly this help you to enjoy the best of night attractions.

Tour Price:20€

4 Guests Min.


 Timing: 19 PM 

 IT TAKES 3 hrs.



* Night sightseeing

* 3 local beers

* 5 food tastings 

* 1 Rakia tasting

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