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Every Day

 At 10 AM &

 At 16 PM

Outside National 


 2-2.30 hrs

 3.6 KM


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- We are very happy and honored to be the first and only Free Walking Tours in Prishtina since 2015. Let us welcome you and introduce our beautiful, newest capital of Europe.


We deliver daily authentic city tours on the sun & on the rain; We are committed to provide an amazing experience through the insightful, interesting, funny, learning tours, as the best way to explore the town. It's a general, comprehensive tour which takes us into an interesting, tourist, historic, cultural, religious & architectural points of interests.

Prishtina, even though is a small town, has a lot to offer, see, learn and do! You most probably need the proper passionate local guides to point it out, So, definitively, we want to make sure to walk you through an authentic attractions pathway in Prishtina, to see the places you might miss, to tell you the stories you wouldn't hear, have fun and encounter the vibe of the city on the way to reach a memorable experience while you're traveling around. 



We expect you happily every day, at 10 AM or afternoon at 16 PM, outside of the National Theater (Teatri Kombetar), where , we introduce and start the interesting walk for two hours and a half around the city's best attraction, permeating a walking distance of 3.6 KM normal, flat walk, ending up at St. Teresa Cathedral. 



Actually, the registration is not obligatory, because you can just show up in the certain place and time, but however, especially in the low season we really appreciate if you book your place in the tour to let us know in advance for the size of the group. That's because 4 visitors is the minimum group to start the tour and 30 might be the eventual maximum, though we expect groups upon 20 visitors. If you have more visitors interested visitors we prepare and split in two groups. To register, please Simply, fill THE FORM on THE UPPER-RIGHT side of this page.


How do we recognize the guide? 

One of our guides wearing a t-shirt and a badge with our logo, or something holding a labeled umbrella would be waiting for you at the stairs of the the National Theater.

It is usual Free Walking tour with no any payment required but tip-based tour. However, we are not engaged or paid by any third party (like government or any business) but we rely our job in voluntary donations of the visitors, based on name-your-own-price system. Nothing is compulsory everything is welcome! You tip the guide if you like it.

Welcome and enjoy the best sightseeing in Prishtina by a short and friendly guided tour!


Our authentic route in Prishtina takes in a following in both Old Town and New Town: starting National Theater,



When & where

How much is it




ENGLISH. So far, we deliver tours only in English. However, for an organized specific group tour we can arrange the tour in German as well. But it should be booked in advance.

, Old Town

  • Statue of Skenderbeg

  • Sulltan murat Mosque (Carshia Mosque - Oldest mosque in Kosovo)

  • King Mosque

  • Clock tower

  • Grand Hamam of Prishtina,

  •  Ethnographic Muzeum

  •  Grand Bazaar

See also:

New Town

  •  Yugoslavian Obilisk of

  • 'Brotherhood and Unity"

  •  Mother Theresa Boulevard,

  •  Obelisk of NEW BORN,

  •  HEROINAT Memorial,

  •  Youth Sport Palace,

  •  National University Library,

  •  St. Teresa Cathedral


Alisha Marie

As far as I know, Astrit runs the only walking tour in Prishtina and I am so glad we were able to make it! Our group was quite large and many of us were eager to ask questions about the city and it's history, which Astrit was more than happy to answer. He was also able to find the perfect balance between discussing difficult topics whilst making friendly conversation with us all. I would highly recommend this walking tour to anyone who wants to learn more about Prishtina and the youngest country in Europe.


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